Grasscycling, Leaf Mulching & Compost Bins

Grass Recycling

Grass recycling (or, grasscycling) is recycling grass clippings by leaving them on your lawn instead of raking them up for disposal. As grass clippings decompose, they act as a natural organic fertilizer. By doing this, you are returning valuable nutrients and moisture to the soil.

Leaf Mulching

Leaf mulching means either shredding your leaves where they are on the lawn, using shredded leaves as a winter mulch on landscape beds, collecting shredded leaves into compost piles, or simply leaving your leaves under the trees in wooded areas, to turn them into new soil.

For more information, visit the Love 'Em and Leave 'Em website.

Compost Bins

Yard debris can also be composted at home, together with kitchen scraps, to create a nutrient-rich soil additive for use in gardens, lawns or even with houseplants.

Compost bins can be purchased from the Department of Public Works cost is $40 each. Please call the Department of Public Works at 781-270-1670 to purchase one.