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Mission Statement

The Select Board is an elected body of five (5) members and comprises the Chief Executive Branch of the local government. The mission statement for this Board is as follows:

  • To provide services that promote the health and safety of residents and a high quality of life, while preserving and protecting the natural resources of the Town.
  • To foster high standards of public service and effective cooperation among Town employees by providing a supportive work environment and competitive compensation, by recognizing excellent performance, and being responsive to the needs and interest of Town employees.
  • To continue to provide pro-active support and cooperation in pursuit of high quality education programs and services in the Town.
  • To provide services as economically as possible so that living or doing business in the community remains affordable, while preserving something close to the current balance of reliance on residential and commercial property.
  • Create a sense of community within the Town of Burlington to embrace and engage in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion so that the "soul" of the community is to accept who we are and support our efforts to succeed in how we live in the diverse nature of the Town. 
  • To support a strong economic base through effective land use planning.