What type of plantings and flowers are permitted and when are they removed?

All unauthorized plantings and prohibited items may be removed or altered at any time with the Superintendent’s authorization and without notification. No schedule of removal will be posted due to the removal of unmaintained or unsightly items.

Single lots/graves:

Planting and flowers is limited to annual plants and flowers placed in an area in front of a monument that is not more than twelve inches deep by the width of the monument. Cut flowers and/or potted plants may be placed on a grave, but will be removed by cemetery personnel after two weeks, or sooner, if such flowers or plants have become unsightly or unattractive.

Flat marker sections:

No plantings of any kind are allowed. Flower Pot Dimensions: (1) flower pot per lot is allowed with dimensions not to exceed 6” wide (square or round) and overall height (with plantings) not to exceed 12” high. Flag Holders and/or Vigil Lights: (1) flag holder and/or one vigil standard vigil light per lot is allowed with flag dimensions not to exceed 12” by 18” with a maximum height of 24”. All other items and decorations will be removed on a weekly basis.


Funeral Flowers may be placed in the Columbarium area at the time of inurnment and will be removed within twenty-four hours following the inurnment. No fastening or adhering of any objects including flower holders, solar lights, emblems, decorations, etc. on or around Columbarium, Niche panels, doors walls or surface.

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