Do I have a wetland on my property?

Vernal Pool in the Late SpringSome wetlands are easy to recognize. If an area holds water year-round, you will be able to easily tell that you have wetlands on your property. However, some wetlands can appear dry at different times of the year. These wetlands are not as easy to recognize.

Although these wetlands can appear dry during some seasons, they contain enough water just below the surface of the ground to support certain plants and soils. Only a trained wetland scientist can determine if an area is a wetland. The Conservation Department staff would be happy to help you determine if there are wetlands on your property.

Before Starting Work in an Area

If you do have a wetland on or near your property (within 100 feet of a wetland or 200 feet of a stream), or if you have mapped floodplain (see information on Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) floodplain), you will need to check with the Conservation Department before starting any work on the exterior of your home or in your yard. Any removal of vegetation, any work that requires digging or filling, or any expansion of your yard or building will need to be reviewed and approved by the Conservation Commission.

Vernal Pool

In the picture is a vernal pool in the summer. This is a wetland.

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