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Bottled Water Rebate Program

  1. Upon submission of this form, you will receive an e-mail with further instructions in 1-2 business days.
  2. This is found on your water bill. If you need help with this number, please call the DPW at 781-270-1670. If you are in an apartment complex, please enter "1."

  3. House and Street Number Only

  4. Do you own or rent this property?*
  5. Disclaimer:

    By signing this document, I am certifying under the pains and penalties of perjury that either I, or a member of my household covered by the above-referenced account is a member of a sensitive subgroup:

    • Pregnant
    • Nursing
    • Infant under 1 years of age
    • Compromised immune system 

    I certify that the information I am providing is true and accurate. I acknowledge that I will be received a credit on my Burlington water bill only until the Burlington DPW deems this rebate as being no longer applicable. I understand and acknowledge that participation in the Burlington DPW Water Bottle Rebate Program is voluntary, does not guarantee that I will not be exposed to PFAS from an sources, and is not required by the Burlington DPW by law or regulation. If I should no longer need bottled water, I agree to contact the Burlington DPW immediately to remove me from the Bottled Water Rebate Program.

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