• Welcoming Entrance and Large Table with Flower Arrangement
  • Use of Farmers Table
  • Tavern Kitchen Farmers Table
  • Table that seats 10
  • Table Seating Area Perfect for Dessert
  • Special parlor seating
  • Spacious Parking at Grand View
  • Seating space perfect for showers
  • Seating room furniture and fireplace
  • Seating for 100
  • Party Set Up
  • Party in the Foyer with Gift Bags on Table
  • Meeting Set Up
  • Hall Party
  • Hall Lighting
  • Hall Bar Set Up
  • Grand View Farm
  • Comfortable Furniture
  • Classroom Tables and Comfortable Chairs
  • Available 8-foot and 6-foot folding tables
  • American Flag Dessert on the DR Sideboard

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