Master Plan

The Comprehensive Master Plan for Burlington conveys the community-based vision for the its future and provides guidance for the realization of its aspirations. This Master Plan is built upon a foundation of information and analysis, so that the recommendations are framed with an understanding of past and present conditions, and with projections of future trends. Focused on the next ten years, the Master Plan will assist its citizens and municipal government in purposefully managing change, while preserving the character and qualities that distinguish Burlington as a valued place to live, work, and visit.

Town Common facing Woburn with pond

Photo By: Jourdan Marino

The Burlington Comprehensive Master Plan has been prepared under the leadership of the Burlington Planning Department, with the dedicated assistance of a Steering Committee specifically formed to provide advice and guidance.

The planning process was organized around an extensive community participation. Over a three-year period, The Planning Department and the Steering Committee undertook a community-based process involving residents, community organizations, institutions, and businesses discussing their ideas about how to maintain and build on Burlington's best features. The stakeholders of Burlington's future participated in numerous public workshops, public forums, expert panel discussions, and community conversations. Information about the master plan was distributed through social media and through announcements and links on the Town's website. On-line surveys were conducted to learn about community perspectives on housing and about the visual characteristics of Burlington.

The Burlington Comprehensive Master Plan is the culmination of the synthesis of the intentions, priorities, and actions identified through this process.

The Master Plan contains a set of recommendations to guide the future of development in Burlington. Recommendations are listed under the following categories
  • Land Use
  • Transportation
  • Housing
  • Economic Development
  • Natural & Cultural Resources
  • Open Space & Recreation
  • Town Center
  • Services & Facilities