Grant of Location Application Process

Grant of Location, Poles, Wires Requests

  1. Petitioner contacts the Board of Selectmen's office 30 days prior to the hearing regarding the upcoming project 781-270-1850.
  2. Petitioner reviews project for compliance and/or receives recommendations from Town Engineer Tom Hayes 781 270-1640.
  3. Petitioner creates four (4) sets of labels for abutters and/or owners abutting 300' from that part of the way upon, along, across or under the line that is to be constructed and 1 uncertified list of addresses.  
  4. Petitioner delivers the 4 sets of labels to the Selectmen's Office for mailing with Petition describing:
    1. Name of Requester
    2. Location
    3. Purpose/reason for request/address or area to be receiving service
    4. State if there are double poles or if double poles are being created - if yes to either or both questions, provide information
    5. Describe work being done , numbers of  manholes and poles as per requirements of DPW
    6. Complete Order for Conduit Locations (OFCL) (PDF) (DOCX)  up through the solid line. The section under the solid line will be handled by town staff after BOS approval.
    7. Four original map/drawing of Location no larger than 11" x 17" for Selectmen and Engineering
    8. One full set of 8 1/2"  x 11" black and white copy of packet for each abutter
  5. At the time all items are received in the Selectmen's office, a meeting date for the public hearing will be discussed. The Selectmen's Office will send out the public hearing notice to the abutters no less than fourteen days before the meeting.