Division Responsibilities

The Highway Division is responsible for maintenance of the Town's roads and drainage systems throughout the year including winter snow and ice removal.  The Highway Division also responds to other emergency and non-emergency situations as needed.

Cambridge St/3A is under the jurisdiction of MassDOT. Please contact them with any questions or to report any issues regarding plowing, salting, sanding, pot hole filling, sidewalk repairs, paving, catch basin cleaning, etc. Please contact the state directly at 781-641-8300.

Road Maintenance

The maintenance of the roadways includes:

  • Patching of failing areas of pavement
  • Filing of potholes
  • Replacing damaged pavement and berms
  • Patching of trenches from water breaks and Town drainage work
  • Sweeping sand and debris from roadways
  • Repair of guard rails
  • Responding to resident concerns over various situations

Maintaining Drainage Systems

The maintenance of the drainage system includes

  • Rebuilding of deteriorating catch basins
  • Placing new catch basins
  • Installing new drainage pipe at problem areas throughout the Town
  • Cleaning of existing catch basins
  • Flushing out various problem drainage systems

Public Safety

  • Replacing damaged or missing Town signs
  • Installing new Town signs
  • Repainting crosswalks, stop lines, and road centerlines

Motor Equipment Repair

The Motor Equipment Repair (Central Maintenance) section of the DPW maintains the fleet for all Town vehicles with the exception of the Fire Department. They perform maintenance and repairs on cars, trucks, plows, sanders, and heavy equipment.