Boards & Commissions

The Town of Burlington is run by a number of boards and commissions. These individuals are either Elected or Appointed. Appointed members are appointed by either the Town Administrator or the Moderator of Town Meeting.

For more information on the organization of the Town, view the Burlington Organizational Chart (PDF).

View Past Meetings

View past meetings by visiting the Burlington Cable Access Television (BCAT) Government YouTube channel.

Elected & Appointed Bodies

Open Meeting Law & Conflict of Interest

All boards and commissions in Burlington comply with Massachusetts General Law in regards to Open Meeting Law and Conflict of Interest. For more information on these laws and regulations view the Open Meeting Regulations as of October 16, 2017 (PDF).

Policies & Documents for Members

Conflict of Interest - Log In Instructions

** NOTE** this is being rolled out statewide and there have been some system slowdowns.  You might try it at off hours to get a better response.

You will need to go to the Link below and follow these steps

1)  Sign in as a new user, make an account


2) You will select Burlington as your community


3) You will get an email back and then you can log in and set a password, and you should end up at a screen that looks like this.


4) This is the year that you will need to do the State Ethics Commission Conflict of Interest Law Training 

When you get done with the training you won't have to do anything. The system now reports back who has completed the training.  If you need a copy of the certificate, you can print it out for your own records.

If you are a new employee, and have taken the test since January 1, 2023 you don't have to take the test again, everyone else will need to take the test.

If you have any questions about this please feel free to reach out to me.