Burlington Water Supply

Town Clean Water Initiatives

What is the town doing?

The Town of Burlington is working on managing stormwater and maintaining water quality. Stormwater is directed through a series of pipes and culverts through the town and is ultimately discharged to water bodies. View a map of the stormwater drainage system in Burlington (PDF).

Read information on our efforts and the Town's Stormwater Management Program.

Burlington Water Supply Sources & Destination

Where does Burlington's water go?

Most of Burlington, including Vine Brook and the Vine Brook well fields, is within the Shawsheen River Watershed. Additionally, the Ipswich River Watershed, which includes the Mill Pond reservoir, and the Mystic River Watershed are fed by Burlington's many streams. See the boundaries of these watersheds in Burlington (PDF).

Taking any of the steps in the Water Pollution and Stormwater section can have a significant positive impact in Burlington and in downstream areas as well.

Boundaries of Watersheds

Watershed Map (PDF)