Recruits Dec2020 

The Burlington Police Department currently does not have any job postings for sworn officers at this time. However, any interested individuals should follow our Twitter and Facebook for future updates on possible employment. 

In order to assist all potential candidates with the selection process, you should begin to work toward exceeding the minimum standards set forth by the Municipal Police Training Committee for academy entrance/exit standards. The Burlington Police Department requires all candidates to meet the 40th percentile to pass the PAT and enter the academy; despite that, the academy only requires a 30th percentile performance (see attached). We have, unfortunately, observed upwards of a 50% failure rate on the PAT in the past 3 recruitment drives.   Any failure of any of the events leads to immediate disqualification from further processing through the current recruitment process.  Working hard toward exceeding these minimum standards now will ensure a successful result and allow you the potential to move further into the selection process.   Refer to the MPTC Health & Wellness Guide for more detailed information. 

Please refer to the attached “Minimum Qualifications” document for exam eligibility. The steps to becoming a Burlington police officer can be found here.  

For now, all interested candidates are encouraged to sign up with Police Exam Solutions and PoliceApp in order to ensure that you are notified of the upcoming exam when the dates and details are finalized.  All preliminary information will come through these providers or will be posted on the Burlington Police website at