New, Renewals & Fees

2022 Liquor License Renewal Information.  

For individual application, contact 

Liquor License Packet 2023

For Select Board's Office to Complete

Transactional Checklist

Overlay District/Town Center/Cambridge Street

Map of Burlington's License Distribution

License Fees for Renewals & New Licenses/Permits

Licences TypeFee
New & Renewal / All Alcoholic / Restaurant3000
New & Renewal / Wine & Malt Bev. / Restaurant1500
New & Renewal / Addition of Liqueurs & Cordials500
New & Renewal / Common Victualler License25
New & Renewal / All Alcohol / Package StoreVictualler License2200
New & Renewal / Wine & Malt Beverages / Package Goods Store    1700
New & Renewal / All Alcohol / Club250
New & Renewal Amusement Devices (each)50
New & Renewal Live Entertainment25

One-Time Fee Per RequestFee
Special One-Day / Alcoholic Beverage Permit75

  • Renewals Take Place Annually During November
  • Standard conditions for Annual License Renewal
  • Review of renewal packet and instructions

All liquor license renewal applications must be signed by an authorized owner, a corporate officer listed on documents on file with the town, or town and ABCC approved manager.  Do not make any changes or cross out the listed manager on the renewal form UNLESS both the Town and the ABCC have approved a new manager. 

Crowd Manager Certification (ABCC Advisory) 

If you are a 100+ dance hall type environment.  Include a list of Crowd Control Managers and a copy of their certification.  

Workmen’s Compensation Affidavit 

(ABCC requires)  per MGL - all employers must provide workers’ compensation for their employees.  

Certificate of Inspection OR Certificate of Occupancy 

(Package stores exempt) -- as required by Chapter 304 of the Acts of 2004, An Act Relative To Fire Safety In The Commonwealth, every license holder under M.G.L. c.138, §12 (on premise serving) must submit a valid certificate of inspection issued by a local inspector and signed by the head of the fire department. 


All establishments must contact the Town of Burlington’s Police Department to ensure servers are qualified. 

Proof of $1,000,000 Liquor Liability Insurance