BCAT Update from June 22, 2022

Explanation of Quarterly Public Notice

The quarterly public notice is required to be sent to residents within 30 days of a PFAS violation. The notice states, that based on our first two months of PFAS sampling and monitoring, even if the third month results were zero (0), our quarterly average would not be within in compliance of the 20 parts per trillion (ppt) maximum contaminant level (MCL).

Based on this, when the average of month one + month two + zero is greater than the MCL of 20 ppt, we are already placed in violation by MassDEP by the end of month two. The public notice pamphlet is then generated and sent prior to the results of month three being completed since the notice has to be sent within 30 days of violation.  

Please refer to the example tables below for reference.

Example One

In this example, the Town is within violation at the end of month two since the average of month one + month two + zero is 24ppt.
Month One 35.4 ppt
Month Two 36.7 ppt
Month Three 0 ppt

Example Two

In this example, the Town is not yet in violation by the end of month two and has to wait until month three for the quarterly average as it could place them above or within the 20ppt MCL. By the end of month three, the quarterly average is 21 ppt and the Town is in violation.
Month One 18 ppt
Month Two 21 ppt
Month Three 24 ppt
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