Sewer Allocation

Since 2001, Burlington has been under an Administrative Consent Order (ACO) from MassDEP which established a moratorium on new connections to the Sewer. Estimated sewer flow rates shall be determined based on MassDEP guidelines as established under current Title V: 310 CMR 15.00. The current established cost per gallon is $2.50 and the removal ratio is 5:1. 

Bedroom(s) additions to existing homes will be charged a rate of $500 per bedroom. For rebuilds the developer must follow the sewer allocation policy. Developers applying for sewer allocation of 1,000 gpd or more will only be allowed to purchase a maximum of 50% of the amount requested or as approved by the Town. The remaining balance shall be identified and removed by the developer through mitigation. If the developer chooses to undertake I/I removal work then the Developer must proceed with I/I removal in accordance with MassDEP standards. 

Existing single-family homes converting from a private onsite sewerage disposal system for property owners residing in the home 10 or more years and 55 years of age or older will be charged a flat fee of $1000. 

Please see the links below or contact the Engineering Division for more information.

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