Water Meters

New Water Meter Applications

Water meters greater than five eighths (5/8) inch shall be “Right Sized” in accordance with American Water Works Association, Manual of Water Supply Practice M22.

Water Meter Interface Unit (MIU)

Installer must run 18/3 Thermostat wire from the meter to an easily accessible location outside the building where the MIU will be installed by the DPW.

 Residential Irrigation Meters

  • Only residential properties may obtain irrigation meter. 
  • Only Licensed plumbers may apply for 2nd meter and undertake work.
  • Requirements for  the Application:
    • Completed Residential Cross Connection Application Form
    • Receipt for plumbing permit application from Tax Collector.
    • Receipt for meter purchase from Tax Collector. 
    • All in-ground sprinkler systems must have a testable backflow device. Sillcocks that draw-off  irrigation system or drain pipes shall have hose bib vacuum breakers with non-testable, dual-check valve installed in-line after meter.
    • After initial installation the DPW/Water Division will test the backflow device and schedule all annual tests on devices at the customer’s expense.

Second Water Meter Residential Guidelines