Campaign Finance Reports

Campaign Finance Form for 2022

Campaign Finance Reports - Election year 2022 - Reports as of April 1, 2022 

Full NameOffice Sought8 days Prior30 days after
Barbara G. L'Heureux
Planningform submitted
Catherine O'NeilAssessorform submitted
Christine MonacoSchoolform submitted
Dennis OtisConstableform submitted
Edward Weiner
BOHform submitted
Gayle DaMoreBOHform submitted
Janice CohenBOHform submitted
Jeremy BrooksSchoolform submitted
Melissa MassardoSchoolform submitted
Michael EspejoSelect Boardform submitted
Nicholas PriestSelect Boardform submitted
Robert NeufeldLibraryform submitted
Stephen NelsonRecreationform submitted

Campaign Finance Reports - January 20, 2022 Year End Report

Full NameOffice SoughtType - M102-0 (Zero Spending)
Adam WoodburyLibraryM 102-0
Amy WarfieldTown ClerkM 102-0
Andrea SheehanBOHM 102-0
Barbara L'HeureuxPlanningM 102-0
Brian CurtinHousing AuthorityM 102-0
Carl FossSchoolM 102-0
Catherine O'NeilAssessorM 102-0
Christine KimShawsheenM 102-0
Christine MonacoSchoolM 102-0
Christopher HartlingHousing AuthorityM 102-0
Ernest CovinoPlanningM 102-0
Jim TiggesSelect BoardM 102-0
Kent MoffattSchools and ShawsheenM 102-0
Kevin SheehanAssessorM 102-0
Kevin SullivanRecreationM 102-0
Maryann BierenHousing AuthorityM 102-0
Michael KellyShawsheenM 102-0
Paul SheehanAssessorM 102-0
Richard HowardHousing AuthorityM 102-0
Robert HoganSelect BoardM 102-0
Robert NeufeldLibraryM 102-0
Stephen NelsonRecreationM 102-0
Thomas MurphySchoolM 102-0
Wayne SaltsmanBOHM 102-0
William BeyerModeratorM 102-0
William GaffneyPlanningM 102-0
William PepicelliConstableM 102-0

Full NameOffice SoughtType - M 102 - 
Campaign fund with Balance
Edward WeinerBOHform submitted
Katherine A. BondSchool Committeeform submitted
Martha SimonSchool Committeeform submitted
Michael EspejoSelect Boardform submitted
Michael RunyanSelect Boardform submitted
Nicholas PriestSelect Boardform submitted
Shari EllisSelect Boardform submitted
Yes on CPA - Ballot QuestionBallot Questionform submitted

Previous Years reports are available in the Clerk's Office.

Campaign Finance Reports from Past years