News and Updates

Burlington Conservation Department is delighted to announce that we recently won a Municipal Vulnerability Program grant to carry out a Climate Resilience Assessment in the Vine Brook watershed.  The full title of the project is the Vine Brook Watershed Inland Flood and Urban Heat Island Assessment. This project is intended to address urban flood impacts from extreme precipitation and urban heat island effects from anticipated extreme climate events. Find more information in the project website:

We would love all interested individuals to be involved. Some ways to be involved include participating in our survey

Or take part in our Photovoice initiative. Once Photovoice is live, you can submit photos of something in Burlington with a couple of lines about how that shot relates to climate change. Tips to think about - What do you think about flooding or hot pavements and how these affect our way of life and habitats?  

Or be part of our Community Site Walk. Check back here for more informaiton on dates and how else to participate.